Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009, Triangle Mamas Style

In no particular order, here are some of the adorable children of the Triangle Mamas.

This is Abigail in her mama's German dirndl from when she was two.  NIkki says, "I like to think of this as her dramatic reenactment of Gretl's 'So Long, Farewell' exit in The Sound of Music."


Here are Juni and Pip, Cyndi's little ones. Buzz Lightyear here even had "Andy" written on the bottom of his shoe. Very authentic.


What might have been a dragon on the hanger became a dinosaur on Linus. Abby's little man was rawry scary.


From our newest Triangle Mama, Kelly, whose inaugural post will be live Wednesday, we have Mr. Wyatt.

Wyatt Halloween

Little Bird was a Little Bear for the day. Marty and her sewing machine pulled off a handmade Halloween again this year, but only with a couple of hours to spare.


Cindy's little dino was so excited, she had the costume on in Target the day they were picking it out.


Ilina had a handmade Halloween too. Here is Super Deal and Ninja Bird in all their glory.


Welcome to fall, y'all. Bring on the turkeys and the trees!

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