Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Journey Across the Mississippi

Before I met my husband, I hadn't even traveled farther East than Kansas City.  It's not that I hadn�t traveled, but being a teacher�s kid, the funds for real traveling just weren�t there.  Summer vacations for my family consisted of boulder viewings or the much preferred Kansas Museum of History (at least 5 times). 

That all changed when I met my husband.  I knew he was the one for me when unlike any man before him he offered insisted that I have dessert.  Who wouldn�t fall for a guy like that?  Problem was, he had just taken a job in North Carolina. 

And so, my barely used suitcase was officially broken in and little over a year later, I found myself newly married and bawling my way past St. Louis, over the Mississippi, and into North Carolina.  I was leaving behind my entire family and striking out on my own.

Our possessions were few� a couch, a 19 inch television (To this day, my husband insists he married me for my t.v.),  and a $35 dining table, but we had love in our hearts not to mention that fearless youthful optimism.  We began a life here in North Carolina over 7 years ago leaving behind our entire support network.  I�ll admit we�ve had our difficulties (like moving that couch up two flights of stairs or having a baby with no grandparents within driving distance), but through it all we�ve clung to each other.  And today, the Triangle has become a place we�re proud to call home.

An original Triangle Mamas post.  Abby lives in Durham and is the proud mama of a one year old boy.  Her personal mommy blog is My Sweet Babboo.

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