Thursday, August 28, 2008

To Jon-Jon or Not to Jon-Jon

I would love to have a jon-jon baby. You know? The cute little boys in the shortalls or longalls that have the band of embroidery across the chest? Gingham in all different colors with little buttons on the shoulders? I love those.

I thought I would be a jon-jon mom.

This morning, Christopher and I went by the Divine Consign sale. As a new mom, I had registered to preview the sale early this morning, and I'm glad I did. There were already several moms there with their babies strapped on, ready to find some bargains.

It wasn't your typical consignment sale. There were jon-jon's upon jon-jon's just waiting to go home with me for a fraction of their original prices. Kelly, who started Divine Consign, also gets overstocks from some companies, so some of the items were new with tags. It's a great sale, and is going on today and tomorrow until 2:00 PM (August 28-29).

What I found myself picking up though? Were the striped Zutano rompers in funky colors with matching hats.

I passed up jon-jon after jon-jon, admiring their cuteness, but wondering about their practicality. Plus, did I really want my little boy to always look like he was on the fast track for Prep?

I learned a little bit about myself this morning. My ridiculous boot collection? The funky tights in my drawer? All the quirk that used to make up my wardrobe? I liked it. I like a little quirk.

Looks like Christopher is going to be a little more funky and a little less preppy.

Except for the Christmas picture. Embroidered Santas all the way. I never would have guessed.

An original Triangle Mamas post. Marty blogs about that boot collection at Don't Take the Repeats.

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