Friday, January 2, 2009

Social Anxiety

It�s coming. The one thing I have absolutely been dreading about being a parent: playdates.

I�m not talking playgroup.  I�ve been part of a fantastic playgroup since Linus was 6 weeks old, a group of fabulous mommas that I met through post-natal exercise classes at the Teer House.  It�s not playdates with them that I�m dreading. No, it�s playdates with others, and I know the time is coming because I was solicited at the park today.

If you don�t know me in person, you won�t know that I kind of suffer from social anxiety. I will often make myself ill with worry before a party and my husband will have to literally force me out of the house (something not easy for a wallflower like him).  I�m great at social networking as long as it is online. Real life? Not so much.

That�s why when a really friendly mommy at the park started chatting me up today, my heart started racing, my inner voice practically begging Linus to run off so I could chase him.  I managed to stay relatively calm (at least I hope so) as we covered ages, poop habits, breastfeeding, and other general niceties. Heck, I was even the first one to introduce myself. (Score one for me.) But when the topic of eventual playdates was broached, I found myself bumbling for words, not quite sure of what was coming out of my mouth. It just seemed too soon. We had only just met and now we�re talking playdates?!?

I know that eventually I am going to have to start arranging get togethers for Linus. I can�t keep him locked inside the house with his hermit-like parents. I mean, this is the kid that waves at everybody. I�m just not sure I�m quite ready for it.  Ask me again when he�s 15.  Maybe then I�ll be ready.

An original Triangle Mamas post.  When not actively avoiding people, Abby can be found frequenting the parks of Durham as well as blogging at My Sweet Babboo.

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