Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When the World Stops for a Day

If you've come here from the North, you might say that the Triangle doesn't get much snow. If you've come here from the Deep South, then you have seen the biggest snows of your life here. No matter where you were before you lived in North Carolina, one thing is always amazing about the snow.

It stops everything. School, work, errands, meetings, whatever, are all put on hold while we gather our bread, batteries, and milk and snuggle in to watch the snow fall. Then, we all bundle up the family in snow gear likely only used once or twice, and we go outside to play.

Snow days are my favorite days.

From Triangle Mamas to you, Happy Snow Day!

Marty and her family

Abby and her family:

Linus 020
Linus 033

Linus 042

Nikki and her family:




An original Triangle Mamas post.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking for a pet sitter, Triangle dwellers?

I owe a huge shout-out to Love'm and Leave'm Pet Sitting, for saving my butt (well, technically, our cat Eliza's butt, I suppose) when my husband and I found out we had to leave town suddenly on Christmas, of all days.  Dan's grandmother Lucy passed away two days before Christmas, and we spent about twenty-four uncertain hours trying to figure out exactly when and how we would get to Massachusetts for her funeral.  It was such a sad, stressful time, I almost forgot about Eliza, and then when I remembered I was sure that it was too late to find a pet sitter for the holidays.

Fortunately, on Christmas Eve I got ahold of our stalwart pet sitters at Love'm and Leave'm, who said of course, last-minute pet sitting at Christmastime, that's no problem.  Not only did they find a sitter for me despite a skeleton holiday staff and short (one-day!) notice, they patiently put up with my four emails and three panicked phone calls when we had to change our flight plans, then change them again.  Each time I had to apologize profusely and ask them to revise our pet sitting schedule, they assured me it was easy to do and they were happy to help.

Thanks to their flexibility, patience, and compassion we were able to take off on Christmas morning to go and see Dan's family without worrying about Eliza, who we knew would be well-cared for in our absence.  If you're ever in the market for a caring, reliable pet sitter, give Love'm and Leave'm a call!

Nikki is a mother and calico cat owner who also blogs at A Small Song.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rookie Parenting

Little Bird, my Christopher, is almost one. At the end of this month, we will stop counting months and start counting years. It has gone by quickly.

He has learned so much over the past year. When I think back on that helpless lump baby that had terrible gas and a difficult time nursing, I am in awe of how he will now just cruise on over and latch himself on without a care in the world. I am in awe of his motor skills and his communication skills. I am in awe of his reasoning ability. He has learned so much.

Me, on the other hand? I still feel like a complete novice.

My friend Boo is pregnant, due in February. I find myself wanting to preface anything I tell her with, "This is what worked for us sometimes," or "You probably want to get some other opinions on this," or "Watch out because my child is lucky I haven't completely ruined him by now."

Little Bird is confident. He stands up and looks around for the very next challenge to tackle. He doesn't look back, and when he falls, he gets right back up again.

I'm thinking he gets that from his dad, because it seems as though I'm never going to quit feeling like a rookie.

An original Triangle Mamas post. Marty also shares her ignorance on the matter at Don't Take the Repeats and Deep South Moms.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Social Anxiety

It�s coming. The one thing I have absolutely been dreading about being a parent: playdates.

I�m not talking playgroup.  I�ve been part of a fantastic playgroup since Linus was 6 weeks old, a group of fabulous mommas that I met through post-natal exercise classes at the Teer House.  It�s not playdates with them that I�m dreading. No, it�s playdates with others, and I know the time is coming because I was solicited at the park today.

If you don�t know me in person, you won�t know that I kind of suffer from social anxiety. I will often make myself ill with worry before a party and my husband will have to literally force me out of the house (something not easy for a wallflower like him).  I�m great at social networking as long as it is online. Real life? Not so much.

That�s why when a really friendly mommy at the park started chatting me up today, my heart started racing, my inner voice practically begging Linus to run off so I could chase him.  I managed to stay relatively calm (at least I hope so) as we covered ages, poop habits, breastfeeding, and other general niceties. Heck, I was even the first one to introduce myself. (Score one for me.) But when the topic of eventual playdates was broached, I found myself bumbling for words, not quite sure of what was coming out of my mouth. It just seemed too soon. We had only just met and now we�re talking playdates?!?

I know that eventually I am going to have to start arranging get togethers for Linus. I can�t keep him locked inside the house with his hermit-like parents. I mean, this is the kid that waves at everybody. I�m just not sure I�m quite ready for it.  Ask me again when he�s 15.  Maybe then I�ll be ready.

An original Triangle Mamas post.  When not actively avoiding people, Abby can be found frequenting the parks of Durham as well as blogging at My Sweet Babboo.

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